Daily Habit Conversation


Annisa             : “Hello Rosa, how are you?”

Rosa                : “Hello Annisa, I’m fine. How about you?”

Annisa             : “Very well to, thank you. You look so hurry Rosa, where do you want to go, anyway?

Rosa                : “I want to go to English class. Aren’t you also?”

Annisa             : “Today English class free, Mrs.Ita has meeting today. Are you forget it?”

Rosa                : “Oh my God, I forgot that. So where will we go now?”

Annisa             : “Come on, we can breakfast in the canteen.”

Rosa                : “I had breakfast, but I’ll go with you.”

Annisa             : “Do you always have breakfast from home?”

Rosa                : “Sometimes I have breakfast from home. How about you?”

Annisa             : “I never do it now, because I stay in boarding house. Not enough time to cook some meals.”

Rosa                : “Whose house did you rent?”

Annisa             : “I rent Mr.Rieke house, she is a business woman.”

Rosa                : “What time you usually wake up Annisa? What are your morning activity?”

Annisa             : “I usually wake up at half past five then I pray, clean my room, do ritual washing and take a bath. How about you?”

Rosa                : “I usually wake up at five o’clock then I clean my room and cook some meals for my aunt’s family. After that I take a bath and go to campus.”

Annisa             : “Who usually accompany you cooking Rosa?

Rosa                : “My aunt usually accompany me.”

Annisa             : “When will you arrive to my boarding house Rosa?”

Rosa                : “How about this evening? We don’t has class this evening.”

Annisa             : “I think that’s great idea. With whom will you go to my boarding house?”

Rosa                : “I will go to your boarding house with Erlia or alone. Which do you think?”

Annisa             : “I think you should be with Erlia.”

Rosa                : “Okay, wait me this evening.”


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