Hair Model 2014 Kim Kardashian

Hair model 2014 is most popular hair style in 2014. Hair like a crown for every people in the world specially for woman. Every woman willing to do anything to get beautiful and healthy hair.

In 2014, ironed-straight hair has become almost the default style for females of a certain age. Curly hair has started is not preferred by most women, they assume that the beautiful and healthy women’s hair is long straight black. That’s why a lot of women who wish to straighten her hair to get beautiful straight hair.

There is many variation style of hair model 2014, we can look the examples of hair model 2014 from the hair model of most popular actress and actor, for example Kim Kardashian.

Who is Kim Kardashian?

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Kim Kardashian is an American television and social media personality and actress. She was very stylish and glamour. She always displays a wide variety of different hair styles in every moment. Her beautiful hair model which she ever used for examples long side hair, long straight cut, long wavy cut, retro hairstyle, ponytail, long centered hair, feathered flip, layered cut and many more. in their article has posted Kim Kardashian’s 10 Best Hair Style including Mini Side Braid, Bombshell Blowout, Voluminous Updo, Retro Glam, Pompadour Pony, Elegant Updo and Funky Streaks.

  • Mini Side Braid, in this hair model Kim accented her extra-long locks with a cute side braid.
  • Bombshell Blowout, Kim’s hairstylist used gold body paint to give the star temporary shimmering highlights.
  • Voluminous Updo, in this hair model looks rom blowout to beehive.
  • Retro Glam, she went for an old Hollywood look with sculpted waves with this model.
  • Pompadour Pony, this hair model looks like ponytail.
  • Elegant Updo, spulled her hair back into a twisted updo .
  • Funky Streaks, she showed off her wild-child side with multi-hued highlights hair.

Kim Kardashian is one of the icons of hair model 2014. She was very confidences and never scared to change their hair styles.


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